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Online treatment for postnatal depression clinician portal.

Do you have a new mum who is struggling to cope or depressed?

This online treatment may help.

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Mum Mood Booster

Six interactive CBT sessions
Optional weekly phone coach (For mums with more severe symptoms)
Extensively trialled in Australia and effective for depression meeting diagnostic criteria

Clinician Portal Features

You will be able to log in and immediately refer your patients to the program using the referral form, which contains a unique code to be used for all your patients. Once a patient registers for the program using your unique code, she can begin the MumMoodBooster treatment program. This same code can be given to any of your patients and you do not need to register again.

Whilst we cannot provide crisis support, email alerts are sent if depression monitoring indicates your patient is having a significantly difficult time (experiencing suicidal ideation or escalating depression). The email alert will advise her to speak to a health professional or contact a telephone support service, and that the program may not be sufficient for her needs. You will also be notified for your information.

By using your own username and password which you create at registration, you will be able to login to your Clinician Portal account at any time, and review your patients’ progress, where they will be listed by name. You will also receive e-mail notifications when progress reports are available (at 1, 4 and 8 weeks). The first report will contain screening (The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale), psychological assessment results (PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire), DSM-5 Cross-sectional symptom measure), and her program usage details.

MumMoodBooster on Today Extra

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Whilst you may have already screened a patient, MumMoodBooster offers an additional EPDS screening assessment. 

MumMoodBooster is FREE and is supported, via MumSpace, by the Australian Government.

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