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Evidence Based Digital Resources for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

Providing support for the emotional health of new and expecting mums when you need it most

Online Treatment for Postnatal Depression


MumMoodBooster is a free online treatment program for postnatal depression and anxiety.

Online Treatment for Antenatal Depression


Mum2BMoodBooster is a free online treatment program for antenatal depression and anxiety.

When You Need
a Little Extra Help


MindMum is a free app that provides tips to cope with life’s ups and downs.

For All New Parents

Baby Steps

Baby Steps is a free online program supporting the wellbeing of new mums, dads and their babies.

For All New Parents

What Were We Thinking!

What Were We Thinking! offers parents ideas to promote confidence in parenting and reduce stress.

Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Information, rate your own mood and determine which tools are right for you.

Streamlining perinatal mental health care with the MumMoodBooster Clinician Portal

The customised clinician portal allows health professionals to refer patients to MumMoodBooster and Mum2BMoodBooster and monitor their progress. This innovative tool simplifies the referral and monitoring of patients enrolled in the evidence-based online treatment programs that have been specifically designed for mild to moderately severe perinatal depression and anxiety.

Downloadable resources
Downloadable resources

Downloadable resources

The Parent-Infant Research Institute has developed a series of downloadable resources to help new parents during this exciting, but often challenging, time of life. The latest versions of these resources can be easily downloaded by mums, partners, families, friends and health professionals via the MumSpace website. Resources include useful information, tips, strategies and helpful advice to support the mental and emotional health of families throughout the perinatal period and beyond.

Do you need Urgent Help?


We understand new and expectant parents may feel concerned about COVID-19. Here at MumSpace we are continuing to offer digital and telehealth options to support families. Amidst the challenging times, a helpful reminder that you can still get the help you need.
Explore our resources and tips for dealing with anxiety and social isolation during pregnancy and after having a baby.